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"There is no one better to partner with than Just Think Hospitality when it comes to building a culture of hospitality. Michelle and her team have both an understanding of operations and creating a client facing culture; instantly those skills set JTH apart from others. It is a joy to listen to team members put their skills to practice; indicating clearly that JTH has had an impact on The New Jewish Home client experience."

Tammy Marshall
Chief Experience Officer The New Jewish Home

"In the past seven years I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle in several capacities that have allowed me to see her competencies shift and develop. Michelle is truly committed to the hospitality industry and has an innate understanding of the needs of all stakeholders. Michelle immediately personifies the environment she is working in, she develops relationships quickly and gains the trust of those around her instantly. see her competencies shift and develop."

Siobhan O'Leary
VP of Human Capital Convene

"Michelle is a passionate, results-driven coach. She brings out the best in people, and is unafraid of taking on big challenges. Her professionalism, attention to detail, grace under fire, and genuine concern for others shines through in all that she does, and her consistent track record of delivering superior performance speaks for itself. Choosing to have Michelle coach you or your team is a smart decision - and an easy one."

Ravi Ramani, MBA,
Director of Learning & Talent Development Waldorf Astoria

What people are saying

April 25, 2017
New Jewish Home to transform customer experience

The New Jewish Home,a nonprofit that offers geriatric care and rehabilitation services to 12,000 older adults annually, is taking a page from the customer-centric philosophy of for profit companies such as JetBlue and W Hotels and a growing number of hospitals.

As part of its $1.3 million “hospitality and empathy” initiative, Jewish Home is training all 2,300 members of its workforce, from the chief executive and other top managers to employees including food service workers, custodians, geriatricians and home health aides, to provide
more sensitive and “person-directed” care to the elders they serve, according to Tammy Marshall, Jewish Home’s chief experience officer. The goal is also to make employees feel more valued and respected in the work
they do.

“We feel it’s a step beyond and outside of customer service,” said Marshall, who started her career in the hospitality industry before going into nursing 30 years ago.

“It’s hospitality-based. If you’re in our care, we know you so deeply by understanding your needs that we’re able to deliver something that is unique to the individual,” she said.

That includes offering all Jewish Home clients—they eschew the term patients—the autonomy to make their own choices regarding, for example, how warm they keep their bedrooms, what they eat and when they go to bed.

So far, Jewish Home has put about 500 employee through the rigorous training program, which entails hours of role-playing and other communications exercises to understand the role of body language, tone of voice and other behaviors.
“We’re really coaching and mentoring employees to understand what it might be like to enter a nursing home,” Marshall said.

To help develop the program, Jewish Home hired consultants Just Think Hospitality, whose clients include W Hotels, Hyatt and JetBlue, as well as The Grand Healthcare System, a geriatric care system and Orthology Physical Wellness Management.

Jewish Home will select 10 ambassadors to help champion the hospitality initiative at its two campuses in Westchester County and Manhattan, its senior housing division and its homehealth operation.—R.S. (Robin Schatz)